A Homebuyer’s List of 20 Things To Do in Santa Fe

Red chile ristras hanging from an adobe home with a white door

A view of the Santa Fe Railyard with the water town sign

In the language of real estate, a home is a tangible property that can be a house, a building lot, a condo, a townhome, or an apartment.


In broader and perhaps more meaningful terms, a home is a safe haven and shelter, a place to live with loved ones and build a future. A home is also a location—as in when you buy a home here, Santa Fe becomes your home.


Settling into a new home, no matter what and where it is, takes time and attention. There are mundane but necessary tasks like unpacking moving boxes. There are tasks like getting TV, cable, internet, and phone service. School enrollment, starting a job, getting to know the neighborhood—it’s all happening for the first time in a new location. It can be exciting and a bit exhausting at the same time.


That’s why we created our list of 20 Things To Do First in Santa Fe. We included housekeeping tasks like completing your change of address and setting up home insurance. But most of our items focus on ways you can explore Santa Fe’s unique history, art, culture, and landmarks. From sampling local produce at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market to learning about Native American culture at sites like Taos Pueblo, you’ll find multiple ways to immerse yourself into your new Santa Fe community.


Homeownership is not just about purchasing a home. It’s a way to put down roots and become part of a community. And at Barker Realty, we know that Santa Fe is one of the most exceptional places in the country to buy a home. For starters, people have made their homes in the Santa Fe area for thousands of years. The spirit of community saturates the very soil where the first Native American settlers built their homes clustered around the present-day site of the Plaza.


In today’s world, buying a home (or building one) ranks as one of the most important financial decisions we make. The process can involve many steps and come with a hefty measure of stress and emotion. At Barker Realty, our brokers meet clients’ needs by first understanding what they are. From that starting point, we keep our eyes on the end goal of achieving a successful real estate transaction for each client.