5 Amazing Reasons to Live Year-Round in Santa Fe

Santa Fe home with a view of the mountains during sunset

As a real estate brokerage with roots in Santa Fe that go back to the 1880s, we have a lot more than just five reasons why you should live year-round in The City Different. For starters, there’s the rich history of art, architecture, and culture that thrives in a setting of extraordinary natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a home to raise a family or relocating for a job, Santa Fe has fringe benefits other locations can’t match. Contact us to find your home in Santa Fe—we’d love to hear from you!


You Can Ski in Santa Fe

Santa Fe home in snow


For many people, the first sign of snow is the cue to pack up and head down to Florida until April rolls around. There’s nothing wrong with spending winter on the beach, but you can go to the beach any time of year. If you love taking a stroll through a winter wonderland, Santa Fe’s mountains are home to some great ski resorts, like Ski Santa Fe. Unlike its more popular neighbors to the north (looking at you, Colorado!), it’s rare to find lines at the lifts and the snow is cold, dry, and under bluebird skies.


This Might Be the Best Food City in the World

Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta


That’s a bold statement, right? How can Santa Fe possibly compete with New York City, Paris, and Austin, Texas, in the food department? Well, for one thing, we’re rooted in the surrounding culture. This isn’t to say that Santa Fe doesn’t have any culinary variety. There are some great global cuisine spots around town, but the real stars are southwestern and Mexican restaurants like Cafe Pasqual’s and the Coyote Cafe. Our advice: If you’re big on food, book a trip for the fall, when festivals like the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta take place.


The Festivals Don’t Stop after the Summer

Santa Fe Fiestas, 2010


From pueblo feast days to jazz festivals, Santa Fe holds festivals all year long. There’s hardly a day goes by from May to September that you won’t find artists, food vendors, and musicians filling the streets around the Plaza. From the burning of Zozobra at Fiesta de Santa Fe to the Rodeo de Santa Fe, summers in this city are one long party.


Santa Fe Has Unique Appeal for Kids and Teens

Exhibit at Meow Wolf, Santa Fe


“I don’t think you could compare it to anything. I think it’s way cooler than anything I’ve seen.” “It’s like a million different dimensions in one building.” “It’s like sticking your finger into an electrical socket and becoming alive.” These words come from visitors who have encountered House of Eternal Return, a 20,000-square-foot immersive art experience created by an arts collective called Meow Wolf. It’s just one example of Santa Fe’s unique appeal to kids, tweens, and teens. The New York Times featured the House of Eternal Return in a Daily 360 video—check it out and then come see it!


Founded in 2008, Meow Wolf consists of over 100 artists who work together to create immersive, interactive art that incorporates storytelling, sounds, visuals, and live performance. The group attracted the attention of Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, who bought an old bowling alley on the south side of town for Meow Wolf to transform into a permanent home. Meow Wolf’s art complex and House of Eternal Return are located at 1352 Rufina Circle in Santa Fe. Just look for the gigantic dog and robot sculptures in the parking lot.


For more uber mad awesome attractions, check out the Santa Fe Reptile and Bug Museum and the Santa Fe Fuegos. The former houses an insect collection featuring over 2,000 mounted arthropods (including a two-foot spider!) and over 150 live animals from millipedes to reptiles. The latter are proud to be Santa Fe’s professional baseball team that plays home games at Fort Marcy Ball Park.


Santa Fe Is More Outdoors Than Indoors

Rolling road in Santa Fe


The big blue skies and towering mesas of Santa Fe are a constant reminder that the world is so much bigger than the cities and suburbs that populate it. If you like camping, fishing, hiking, biking, or just taking a walk under the pines now and then, head out to Santa Fe sometime in the spring and soak in the sunshine at Dale Ball Trails or make some feathered friends at the Randall Davey Audubon Center.