Broker Spotlight: Aviva Schear

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Broker Spotlight / HOME April 2020 article“My approach is based on candid conversations, responsiveness and pure honesty.”


Aviva enjoyed idyllic teenage years living on the Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch. “I moved here with my family in 1994 from Nashville, Tennessee, where I lived on a farm. It was fantastic! I had the opportunity to do a lot of extra work on several movies and met many incredible actors. Living on a 17,000-acre ranch was a great learning and growing experience, riding horses every day after school and embracing the country life. Being so close to Santa Fe provided a nice balance.”


Her first career was in fine dining in Santa Fe — she managed Osteria when it first opened in 1998 and continued for the next 14 years before moving on to the highest level of serving at El Farol, the Tea House and then at Sazón with Chef Olea. “Santa Fe has some of the finest restaurants in the country and the people in this industry are amazing.


“The skills I learned in the restaurant industry have been instrumental to my success in real estate. I’ve always been a people person and dedicated to giving the highest level of service in a meaningful and compassionate way. My work ethic has always been strong and that, combined with ambition and drive, have culminated in two very successful careers in service industries.”


Aviva is a third-generation Realtor — her grandmother, mom, aunt, and brother are all successful real estate brokers in different areas of the country. “It’s just in my blood,” she says. “I’ve always been taught that if you are honest and transparent, and have compassion for people, success will come. In this business, we are entrusted with people’s livelihoods and it’s of utmost importance to me that my clients are comfortable in the situation and the transaction at any given moment. They hire me for my service and expertise, and it’s my job to make sure I fulfill that obligation and execute to the best of my ability. When buying or selling a home, it is a big commitment and it is life-changing. Knowing that I delivered the highest level of service, and completed a transaction confident that I gave my blood, sweat, and tears towards successfully moving my clients towards their next chapter in life is so very rewarding.”


“I am forever grateful to David and Lisa for bringing me into the family that is Barker Realty. They believe in me and their support and encouragement have driven my career to new levels. Everyone at Barker Realty cares so deeply for people, and that extends well beyond the work environment. Being part of a company that is authentic, genuine and nurturing is priceless, and it all starts at the top. The brokers here enjoy an incredible level of camaraderie, always helping each other and bouncing ideas off each other. It’s amazing what they do for me and my spirit!”


“Santa Fe has changed a little in the last 25 years, but it has retained its magical, unique and cozy feel — it’s my home and it’s my sanctuary.”