Broker Spotlight: Christopher Streit & Matthew Tootelian

Broker Spotlight / Barker Realty

Broker Spotlight / HOME June 2019 article“Living Life the Santa Fe Way!”


Coming from different backgrounds, Christopher grew up on the east coast and Matthew was born and raised in Santa Fe, the deep friendship they share has led to a successful business partnership with their real estate team. “We play well off of each other, have a great dynamic and a way of lightening things up when they get too serious,” Matthew explains.


“I was Matthew’s age when I first got into real estate in 1984,” Christopher recalls. By age thirty, Christopher became vice president of sales and marketing for a local high end custom builder and developer in the Pennsylvania and Delaware market. Matthew and Christopher both enjoy working with all types of clients — from first time home buyers to empty nesters, growing families, builders and developers — and all parts of our local market from in town to many rural areas.


Interesting story how Christopher moved here. In 1985, he stopped in Santa Fe for 12 hours on his way from Lubbock to the Grand Canyon and knew he would live here one day. In 1994 and for the next 8 years, he began making trips to Santa Fe twice a year. “In 2001 I told a friend, ‘Let’s drive down this street, I want to show you a neighborhood I’m really drawn to.’ I pointed out a particular house and said, ‘If it ever comes on the market, I’m going to buy it.’ We hooked up with a realtor the next day and she mentioned she would like to show us a house that wasn’t on the market yet, and it was the same house! I bought it and I still live there. I never looked back, it was simply meant to be.”


Both Christopher and Matthew remain enamored with living in Santa Fe. “The number one thing for me is the unique architecture,” Christopher says. “It all comes from the earth — mud houses, vigas and latillas made from trees. The Santa Fe art colony and its history also resonate with me, along with our culture and the great mix of people who live here.” Matthew adds, “I’m an outdoors person and Santa Fe is ideal with so many places to hike and explore. I also love our collective ‘para mañana’ laid back mindset and the overall vibe that things happen for a reason.”


Barker Realty was their first choice when they embarked on their real estate careers in Santa Fe. “We are very fortunate to be associated with this company. They are on the cutting edge of technology and marketing and keep us ahead of the curve. Answers are provided before our clients even ask! We never feel like we are missing anything because Barker Realty gives us all the tools in our toolbox to do a perfect job. David is a great person to bounce ideas off of and he always makes time for us no matter what he’s doing. The best thing is, we work with the owner of the company! He’s right here and there is never a time when he doesn’t say ‘C’mon in gents!