Broker Spotlight: J.C. Linson

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Broker Spotlight / HOME January 2018 article“I love the diversity of Santa Fe”


J.C. is well known throughout the community for his years as an amateur, then professional, boxer on the national circuit. His 150 – 200 amateur fights all over the country prepared him for a professional boxing career during which he won North American and World titles. In all, his record for the 28 pro fights he had is 22-5-1. Quite impressive! “It feels like I’m hurt maybe a little less in real estate,” J.C. laughs.


Born and raised in Santa Fe, J.C. is now raising his own family and feels that Santa Fe offers a great pace for young people. “My family is everything!” J.C. exclaims with pride. “My four kids — Rocco, Joaquin, Issac and Juliana — range in age from 2 to 12 and are a driving motivation for my successful real estate career. At this point in my life, I am very focused on creating a nice future for my family.” You may have met J.C. while shopping for your children at Boomerang Baby. He started the business and, in that capacity, was fortunate to meet a lot of the young families in our town.


“Let me just say, the support I get from my parents and wife is amazing!” J.C. continues. “My wife, Inessa, is doing the hard job! I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate what she does for our family. I just don’t think I could keep up with them the way she does. It’s astounding how much the little ones eat and the amount of trouble they can get into in one day!”


The diversity and accepting of diversity is what J.C. appreciates most about Santa Fe. The diversity of the people, the seasons, the cultures and activities available. It’s also what he enjoys most about real estate. “Every day is different — every transaction, every situation. There are so many variables, this business keeps you interested.” J.C. gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping people in tough situations. He is able to empathize and understand, and offer his knowledge and skills to guide them through as easily as possible to the best possible outcome. “My boxing career gave me the distinct ability to not be intimidated by stressful aspects of a transaction,” he muses. “I’ve been a Realtor for 15 years. Now I’m at the point where I am learning to leverage the business to get more business and make future transactions easier for me and my clients through the knowledge I’ve gained from previous transactions.”


Barker Realty’s supportive environment is important to J.C., and he feels it is one of the reasons for his success. “We enjoy a very special camaraderie at Barker. Many deals have been put together by collaborating with openness. I’ve often received help with a situation I’m dealing with that another broker has experienced. And it’s not just the brokers, the staff is so supportive. David is a great mentor — ask him anything and he will help you figure it out. Not only that, the coffee is great!”