Broker Spotlight: Jennifer Tomes

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Broker Spotlight / HOME March 2018 article“I love the expansiveness of Santa Fe!”


A quality-of-life decision led Jennifer and her husband to relocate their family from Chicago’s North Shore to Santa Fe. “We gravitate to the outdoors and wanted to raise our children hiking, biking and skiing. It was also important for us to live in a city where culture and the arts are accessible,” Jennifer says. In Santa Fe we are fortunate to have world-class arts and cultural activities for everyone to enjoy. She continues, “On my 50th birthday, I skied in the morning with my husband, then hiked in shorts with my dog in the Galisteo Basin in the afternoon, followed by a walk along Canyon Road and dinner at a world-class restaurant. Where else can you do that?”


Jennifer has been visiting Santa Fe regularly for the last 30 years and developed a deep connection and love for our enchanted city. “My mom lives in Santa Fe, my husband and I were married in Tesuque 25 years ago, and Santa Fe has now been our home for the past 16 years.”


Jennifer began her professional life in the financial world. “My first job out of school was with GE Capital’s Corporate Finance Group. I left the big corporate environment then went to a small investment management firm while I earned my MBA at night at the University of Chicago.” Eventually, she transitioned her career into being a full time mom.


In 2011, when her children were grown and the market was at its lowest point, Jennifer obtained her real estate license when others were leaving the profession. “I felt very prepared for it because my background is in financial analysis. Digging into the data is actually fun for me!”


“A career in real estate started with my passion for architecture and making good investment decisions in a home for my family. The multifaceted nature of this business keeps life interesting. Every day is different and every transaction is unique — problem solving, putting the pieces of the puzzle together, constantly learning. I enjoy using different skill sets to help clients achieve their objectives. It’s fun and very rewarding when I’m invited into a place to help people with one of the biggest investment decisions of their life. That process can be very stressful and I am honored to help people through it!”


Further introspection revealed her path towards a real estate career began much earlier. She laughs, “I was always going to open houses and dragging my family — they were delighted and incredibly supportive when I got my license!”


Barker Realty offers Jennifer valuable tools to leverage while operating and expanding her business. “The Transaction Coordinator program is a huge asset. Clients appreciate having a team working for them in numerous capacities.” The local connection is also extremely important to Jennifer who remarks, “It was imperative that I work with a local company that is rooted in our community.”