Broker Spotlight: Kristin Sargent

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Broker Spotlight / HOME September 2019 article“Santa Fe stays true to our historic roots and unique architecture”


If there’s a ‘royal family’ of real estate in Santa Fe, besides the Barker’s, it would be the Sargent’s. Kristin is a fifth-generation Santa Fean whose father, Wally Sargent, has been a pillar of the community for many decades. “Growing up the daughter of someone who is so loved in Santa Fe always filled me with pride in my childhood, and I am even more appreciative today,” Kristin says fondly.


After teaching for several years, Kristin has followed in her father’s footsteps and built a successful career in real estate sales. “There is so much about this business that is rewarding on a daily basis — helping buyers make their dreams come true by finding and buying their perfect home, assisting sellers in selling their property as quickly as possible then finding their new dream home. I chose a career in which I have the pleasure and ability to make lives better in a deeply personal way. I’ve always known I wanted to work in a field that serves others.” Buying and selling homes of her own has afforded Kristin a sensitivity towards her client’s journey.


Growing up in Santa Fe at the end of the Big Tesuque Canyon was an idyllic childhood for Kristin — hiking the trails behind her home and riding horses into the mountains instilled in her a deep appreciation for the outdoors. “I love the mountains and vast blue skies, the high desert vistas and the unique landscape that makes northern New Mexico a magical place to call home.” Still today, Kristin can be found most mornings hiking a mountain trail just after sunrise.


Although she relocated to southern California for a few years, Kristin was eager to move back home. “I returned to Santa Fe for a visit to attend my brother’s wedding at Sunrise Springs. I remember sitting there thinking ‘How could I ever leave this?’ At that moment I realized I was done with the frantic pace of California and moved back home very quickly. Although Santa Fe has experienced many changes and growing pains, one of my favorite aspects about our city is how we can grow but stay very true to our historic roots and unique architecture.”


Kristin is happy about her recent move to Barker Realty. “I have been welcomed with open arms from the moment I stepped in the door. More than a brokerage, it feels like one big happy family with a fantastic group of people. David Barker is available any time I need his advice. The transaction and listing coordinator services have already reduced my work load in some aspects, allowing me to focus on my clients in a deeper way.”


Her commitment to our community is also evident in her work with the Santa Fe Youth Symphony and fundraising at her son’s school, Wood-Gormley.