Broker Spotlight: Lisa Bybee

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Broker Spotlight / HOME July 2017 article“Seeing humor in all things is so important for a happy life!”


To all who know her, Lisa is a ‘people person’ to her core, and her magnetism draws interesting people from all walks of life. A career in real estate suits her perfectly and she gets a lot of personal gratification from the service she offers others. “It’s all about relationships for me,” Lisa says thoughtfully. “Taking part in people’s lives in an often transitional time, and helping them navigate the process as painlessly as possible, makes me happy.”


Lisa is also very funny and livens conversation with her witty humor and infectious laughter.


Her family legacy is deep in New Mexico, having arrived in the 1800s, and Lisa is passionate about sharing the love of her hometown with others. “Introducing people to the physical beauty of Santa Fe as well as great restaurants, events, and a plethora of things to experience, is a big reason why I am in real estate.”  She continues, “As a child, my family participated in all kinds of local events in the community. It was a small town then but had exceptional exposure to international and regional arts and music. Santa Feans still enjoy these aspects, but with an even broader appeal now.”


Lisa’s background in corporate sales, education, real estate, and property management has given her a unique ability to see beyond the immediate, to educate people with her knowledge, truly listen, and creatively problem-solve with a solution that is generally a win-win for everyone. The part of her background that was in hospitality has instilled in her a desire to please people and make them happy, comfortable and enjoying themselves. “Empathy is so important in life, and in our business.”


Her 12 year career as a Realtor has been strengthened by her affiliation with four Santa Fe real estate firms, all offering something different at each stage in her career. She has now been with Barker Realty for over two years and feels like she’s at home. “It is truly like working with family and friends. Since my mom is a broker too (26 years!) and she is at Barker, the circle is complete.”


“David Barker is truly our partner. He supports, listens and guides. He is an advocate and calls upon his experience and intelligence to give you an answer you can use. This spirit of genuine support has filtered throughout the entire company to every staff member, and I love being here!,” she states enthusiastically. A twinkle comes into her eye when she recounts fond memories of watching everyone dance to Char and Joshua’s singing at the holiday parties.


Lisa is passionate about playing tennis, especially USTA and with her husband, Dan. Her full life also includes traveling, hiking, and gathering her close friends for a night of good food, laughter and interesting conversation.