Broker Spotlight: Peter Van Ness

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Broker Spotlight / HOME October 2018 article“Santa Fe and I have evolved and matured together”


Peter’s eyes shine when he says, “I love that every day I wake up, life is an adventure. It’s exciting to me!” From growing up in Lake Forest, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, to adventuring through Europe, Mexico and Guatemala, Peter’s zest for life is apparent.


After a brief stint living in San Francisco, Peter decided he was definitely not a ‘city boy’ and moved to Santa Fe 45 years ago. “I simply love everything about living in Santa Fe! I have evolved as the town has evolved over these many years. Santa Fe has become more sophisticated, and I have matured along with it — you might say the town and I have grown up together!” Peter and his wife Mary have lived in Tesuque for the past 31 years with their beloved dogs and horses.


Various careers prior to real estate prepped Peter for a successful practice. His work in the restaurant, education, banking, and construction industries all provided him with invaluable and unique insight into real estate sales and customer service. “One of my favorite jobs was as the Director of Sales at Bishop’s Lodge, a position I accepted after working in the same capacity at the Inn at Loretto. I simply fell in love with the work, the resort and the staff, and couldn’t wait to get there each day. But, when the resort sold to a conglomerate, the feel of the place changed and was no longer a good fit for me.”


Feeling so drawn to being of service, and a deep desire to work closely with people in a significant way, Peter decided a career in real estate was perfect for him. “Real estate keeps me interested because nothing is ever the same — the circumstances and the players in every transaction, and the knowledge I continually acquire, keep it very exciting,” he says enthusiastically. “I’ve been doing this for 19 years now and I still come across situations new to me. Education is a lifelong endeavor, and I enjoy constantly learning.”


His positive experience of working in several family-owned Santa Fe businesses led him to want the same in real estate, and Barker Realty was the ideal choice. “What David and Lisa have created in Barker Realty is incredible! Watching the evolution of this company, and being a part of it for many years, has been an amazing experience. My work environment is of utmost importance, and because of this I have no desire to be anywhere else. David’s accessibility, wisdom and advice is invaluable, and the entire group of people supporting the sales team is beyond compare.”


More than anything, Peter loves the outdoors taking daily hikes, riding horses and meditative time in the garden.