Broker Spotlight: Vee Bybee

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Broker Spotlight / HOME April 2019 article“I have seen this city evolve into a vibrant diverse community”


Vee Bybee’s family has been in the area since the 1600s when they moved from Spain and settled in Galisteo, initially as sheepherders then the family moved into farming. Born in Pecos, Vee was raised in Santa Fe after her parents moved here when she was just a few months old. “I remember my dad worked in the Gross Kelly Warehouse, where Barker Realty’s offices are now. It used to be a wholesale grocery and my dad would make deliveries to all the grocery stores in northern New Mexico including Santa Fe.” After attending the University of New Mexico, Vee got married and started a family. “My family is the most important part of my life! I have three terrific grandchildren and four exceptional grown children (my daughter Lisa is a realtor at Barker as well). Traveling to see them and their visits to Santa Fe are the true joy of my world.”


When her youngest went to preschool, Vee’s interest in pursing a career grew. “I’ve always loved design and I’ve always loved homes. I designed and built three of my personal homes and was an electrical designer for new homes and commercial buildings. My ex-husband and I built the La Esquina building on the corner of Marcy and Lincoln, and at the time it was the tallest building in Santa Fe aside from the cathedral!” Vee started a company that offered services to stage homes with an owners belongings to either sell the home or make it more livable. Then the light clicked and she said to herself, “Why don’t I just go into real estate sales?”


“After 28 years in this business, I find the most gratifying aspect is the people. I truly enjoy working with buyers who are actively making a change in their lives, sharing my extensive knowledge of the city, architecture and culture. On the selling side, I love calling my clients and telling them “We have an offer!” My clients appreciate that I am a calm person, and when real estate transactions become stressful and emotional I have discovered that being a good listener is all people need. I’ve made a lot of forever friends over the years.” Most of Vee’s clients are referrals from other clients or repeat business, a testament to her skills and dedication to her profession.


Vee’s passion for Santa Fe continues to grow. “I have seen this city evolve, flourish and become a vibrant diverse community that rivals many European towns. Santa Fe has it all including the big city aspects — if you want fabulous restaurants, they’re here. If you want art, music, opera, it’s here. I’ve been an avid art collector all my life. I used to go out to the pueblos and trade with the artists for their pottery. Through self-study I came to be very knowledgable and sophisticated about art and made friends with many of the local artists over the years.”


“After working at two other real estate companies in the past, I can honestly say that the feeling of being a close family is the most prominent aspect of Barker Realty. It’s wonderful to come in and be greeted with hellos and how are you’s and to know that David and management are always available to help. It’s both professional and fun, and they keep up with the latest of the latest.”