Cutting-Edge Festivals and Events in Santa Fe

Kids Freefest Spring Break 2018

We really mean it when we say there’s always something wonderful to do in Santa Fe. From a world-class film festival that starts today to a kids fest that kicks off in March, here are some recommended events and celebrations taking place now and coming soon. As you look for homes in Santa Fe, make time to explore The City Different through one of these happenings.


Santa Fe Film Festival

  • February 7-11
  • Multiple venues in Santa Fe


Take it from us, the Santa Fe Film Festival is worth a visit even if festival films aren’t usually your thing. There is always a wide variety of cinema on display, with a focus on Southwestern storytellers and the independent spirit. This year’s festival kicks off on February 7 and continues through the weekend. We’ll see a retrospective with a look back on films like The Milagro Beanfield War, and Doctor Strangelovewith an appearance by Leon Vitali, the subject of the featured documentary Filmworker, following the work Vitali put forth in facilitating Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon.


Kids Freefest Spring Break 2018

Kids Free Spring Break

  • March 1-April 15
  • Multiple venues in Santa Fe


Kids Free Spring Break is a full month and a half of awesome family activities across the city with deals and offers that get kids in for free. The festival includes events like climbing at the Santa Fe Climbing Center, the Junior Artist Package at the Drury Plaza Hotel, Kids Eat Free at the El Cafe, found in the Inn at Santa Fe, historical tours, classical music performances, and, well, just way more events and attractions than we have space to list here. Of course, no kids festival in Santa fe is complete without a trip to Meow Wolf, where you can soak in the heated pool and get breakfast for the kids.


Santa Fe Museum Folk Art

No Idle Hands: The Myths and Meanings Of Tramp Art

  • March 12-September 16
  • Museum of International Folk Art


The Museum of International Folk Art has done quite a bit to help preserve Santa Fe’s unique approach to the creative world. In many big cities, art is something that you go to see at an exhibit. In Santa Fe, we know that art is all around us and it’s something we’re all capable of creating.


The tramp art on display at the must-see No Idle Hands exhibit focuses on the art of transforming discarded fruit crates and cigar boxes into intricate, fascinating art pieces. Tramp art is something that you don’t get to see just anywhere, and the exhibit will feature over 100 pieces during its 6-month run at the Museum of International Folk Art. Since the exhibit will be on display for half of the year, so there’s no rush. Take a trip to the museum whenever you get the chance.


These are three of our favorite festivals and events taking place in Santa Fe this month, but there’s always something going on. Don’t worry about marking every festival on your calendar, just get out there and start exploring.