Five Ways to Meet Your Neighbors After Buying a Home in Santa Fe

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Congratulations! You bought a home in Santa Fe and you’ve moved in. And we do mean that literally.

You’ve moved in boxes, chairs, tables, beds, mattresses, and every coffee mug you own. Right about now, you may be juggling a host of tasks from connecting to wifi to completing your change of address.


But wait. Take a deep breath and maybe a sip of coffee from one of those mugs you unboxed. Just outside the door, there’s a new neighborhood to explore. Hit the pause button on unpacking and invest some time in meeting your neighbors and learning about your new community. The boxes will be there when you get back, honest.


Meeting your neighbors is just one of our 20 Things To Do First in Santa Fe. Prioritizing this step will go a long way toward getting you settled in your new home. Still looking for homes in Santa Fe? Connect with us. We’re proud to be the Locals’ Choice for Santa Fe real estate.


1. Introduce Yourself in Person

One of the simplest ways to meet your new neighbors is to knock on their door and introduce yourself. But don’t make it awkward. Pick a time that’s not too early or too late or during the dinner hour.


It’s a nice idea to bring a small gift, but choose something neutral like flowers or a small potted plant. Avoid bringing food or alcohol as people may have food allergies or not drink. If you have a pet, leave it at home. Don’t enter the home unless you’re invited inside. Let neighbors know you just moved in and where you live. You might kick off a brief chat by introducing your household members by proxy, but don’t bring the entire family over for this short call.


2. Spend Time Outside Your House

An in-person meet-and-greet is usually most appropriate for neighbors in close proximity. Spending time outside your house can create natural opportunities to meet the people in your wider neighborhood. Talk walks around the block or subdivision. Work in your front yard or garden. Make sure you spend time outdoors on weekends.


3. Join Local Facebook Groups

Many communities have Facebook Groups area residents may join. These groups offer a great way to learn about local events, activities, and recommendations. Some groups function as a community marketplace where members give away or sell items. Others focus on recreational activities like rock climbing. While it may be more typical to meet near neighbors through other means, these Facebook Groups can lead to real-life connections. At the very least, they can keep you plugged into what’s happening in Santa Fe. Here’s sampling new residents might find helpful:



4. Attend Community Events

The key to this tip is that you have to know when and where community events are happening. Social media and media outlets like the Santa Fe Reporter are go-to sources. You may also see posters and flyers as you walk around the neighborhood. Attending community events is a great way to meet neighbors as well as take advantage of opportunities that bring the whole community together, such as subdivision picnics, block parties, school events, and the annual festivals Santa Fe is famous for.


5. Invite Your Neighbors Over

Resist the urge to get your home looking HGTV-perfect before you ask the neighbors over. There’s no need to break out the good china for an elaborate dinner party. Hosting a neighborhood get-together can be as simple as coffee on the patio or a quick tour of your new home. Wrap the occasion around a selection of easy-prep foods like fruit, cheese, and specialty items from the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market.


Making the first move after relocating to a new neighborhood is often the shortest route to meeting your neighbors. Make it easy for them to welcome you by initiating first contact.