Here’s Why We Attract Top Brokers

David Barker and Amanda Godlove Erwin having fun at a company bbq

A successful real estate transaction involves four main pillars: the broker, the client, the listing, and the current market conditions. These four elements are tied together in myriad ways: The success of a listing can depend on how the broker markets the home. Market conditions can favor the buyer or the seller or even a particular type of home.


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No matter what’s happening in the market and no matter what type of property, however, a top-notch broker is essential—whether you’re the home buyer or the seller. That’s why Barker Realty puts a high priority on the quality of our brokerage team.


What does it take to attract the highest level of real estate talent to our brokerage? We’ve got 10 excellent answers we fleshed out in our Top 10 Reasons to Join Barker Realty. We invite you to read all about it on our website (and then get in touch with us if you’re a broker who’s interested in joining us!), but here’s a quickie snippet for each reason.


1. Our Transparency, Ethics, and Community Focus

We make serving our clients our number one priority.


2. Our History and Culture

We’re a family-owned company that’s been part of the Santa Fe community for over 50 years. Our history, our philosophy, and our love for Santa Fe set the tone for our culture.


3. Our Career Development

New brokers participate in varying levels of mentorship. Training meetings, workshops, seminars, business retreats, and one-on-one mentoring help our brokers strengthen their expertise, their knowledge, and their service to the community.


4. Our Marketing Expertise

Our marketing team is known for its fresh approach and high level of development that helps Barker listings stand out from our competition. We created an in-house Marketing Store to help drive the success of our Associate Brokers. Because the fulfillment of marketing materials for our listings is done internally with our own printing press and design team, we can achieve speedy turnaround times—sometimes within minutes.


5. Our Community Impact

Since the 1870s, the Barker family has been recognized as a leading member of the Santa Fe community and is known locally as one of its greatest philanthropic supporters.


6. Our Technology

Multiple local brokers have joined Barker Realty due to our strong technology platform. Our transaction process is completely digital to ensure a smooth selling process. We focus on new technology such as video conferencing and virtual walkthroughs to promote properties in a safe manner.


7. Our Leadership Style

Collaborative problem solving is a key aspect of our approach to business. Our brokers know each other well and have strong working relationships. Clear, constant communication with each other and with our support team allows us to respond to clients quickly and efficiently.


8. Our Training

We focus heavily on continuing education because we believe that a professional broker is constantly learning.


9. Our Focus on Teamwork

Our culture of collaboration means that everyone at Barker works as a team mutually focused on giving each client personal attention and service.


10. Our Achievement Record

Our brokers sell more homes than brokers in larger firms and can offer more expertise and authority than smaller boutique agencies. Dedication to providing the finest personal service keeps satisfied buyers and sellers coming back-—and referring their family and friends to us.