Railyard Spotlight: Sky Coffee Co.

Sky Coffee logo

When you’re wandering through the Railyard and an enticing aroma of delicious coffee envelops you, head over to Sky Coffee for your fix! Their coffees are brewed from only single-origin beans from the best roasters in the country. Don’t worry if you’re not a coffee fan, they brew organic artisan teas with the same care that they give their coffee. And while you’re at it, indulge in a sweet or savory pastry from Opuntia Cafe.

A place for thinking, working, relaxing, and even contented boredom, Sky Coffee sits like a fishbowl in the middle of the Railyard next to the water tower, an ideal location for my favorite pastime of watching people and the trains rolling in and out. This delightful cafe is in a minimalist space with a bar made of concrete and vintage bricks, with plenty of glass and open space that creates a zen-like sense of calm. Grab a friend or your computer and enjoy the ambiance of one of the best coffee shops in Santa Fe.

You can even order online for a quick pickup! For more information visit www.skysantafe.com.