Get Ready for Santa Fe Restaurant Week

Salmon dish at a fine dining restaurant

Every restaurant taking place in Santa Fe’s 2018 Restaurant Week is worth visiting. Every one of them is on the list because there’s something special about them, whether it’s great food, a wonderful atmosphere, or just a really nice location. But you might not have time to visit every single one of them, so here are five of our favorites.


Reservations are required for most participants, but not all.  Check the list for updates.



Italian food at Andiamo!

For Italian Food: Andiamo!

Italian restaurants seem to be the only eateries that can get away with putting an exclamation mark in the name. One of our favorite things about Andiamo! is the small menu. They serve what they’ve mastered to perfection. We really like the Caesar salad with anchovy oil, and the simple pleasure of the prosciutto, mozzarella, and tomato panini that comes with the soup and sandwich. You will want to get a reservation ahead of time for Adiamo!


322 Garfield Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 995-9595


Juicy steak and potato from Bourbon Grill, Santa Fe

For A Nice Big Steak: Bourbon Grill

Sometimes all you really crave is a baked potato and a perfectly prepared steak. This is where the Bourbon Grill excels. With fresh seafood and top-grade beef, it’s everything you want when you’re after a nice solid meal without a lot of frills to it. This is one of our more casual selections, so there are no reservations are required.


Bourbon Grill
104 Old Las Vegas Highway
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 984-8000



Gluten-free cuisine at Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen in Santa Fe

For Healthy Eating: Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen

If you’re vegan, have a gluten allergy, or doing the paleo diet, it can be hard to find a great restaurant in Santa Fe. Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen offers something that Santa Fe has been missing. The gluten-free raspberry meringue with walnuts is simply stunning, and the Japchae Korean stir fry with grass-fed beef and a coconut and sesame sauce is one of the best paleo meals you’ll find anywhere. Reservations are required.


Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen
1512 Pacheco Street, Building B
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 795-7383


Finding a great meal in Santa Fe is easy, and that’s kind of the problem: When you can’t go wrong, how do you find your favorite place for a meal? These 3 restaurants are a great place to start on Santa Fe Restaurant Week if you’re still looking for your favorite place to grab a bite in The City Different.