Three Affordable Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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We get asked if there are creative ways to help your Barker broker market your home. Every home is unique and it can be enormously insightful to understand the property from you, the person who has lived and enjoyed, improved, or expanded the home. Here are some ideas that can help make your home, and the story it has, stand out.


1. Create a Website For Your Home

Creating a website about a home or property is a great way to reach prospective buyers. If you don’t already have your own website, creating one with our marketing team is easy. Build a hub for clients and potential clients to access all the information about your property. Ask your Broker how Barker Realty Marketing can point you in a good direction and design a standalone website.


2. Regularly Publish High-Quality Images

Regularly publishing high-quality or interesting images about your home can create interest and views. New photographs that help your property stand that do not look highly manipulated can be a plus for the right person. You can also save some professionally produced images and share them on social media over time. Publishing an interesting photograph online with a link to the Listing information can be a successful marketing approach.


3. Create An Ebook About Your Home

Turn your home and maybe some memories of it into an ebook. A simple ebook with stories and photos can be used to reach people over the Internet (email and social media). These insights are often overlooked in traditional photo media or 300-word descriptions.


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