Prep Your Home for Sale Without Leaving Your House

Front entrance to a Santa Fe home with a blue gate and stonewall

So you want to list your Santa Fe house for sale, but you need to follow statewide practices to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. What can you do to get your house ready to list when New Mexicans are advised to stay home as much as possible?




First of all, we’re doing everything we can to help all our buyers and sellers while following social distancing and wearing masks. More than ever, our agents are getting creative with open houses streamed via live video and video-recorded agent walkthroughs.


Second, you can prep your home for sale without leaving your house or at least with minimal trips to the hardware store. Our top 10 home prep tips resonate whether buyers are viewing your home in person or remotely. Along the way, we’ve featured a few of our exclusive listings. (If these have already sold, no worries! New listings are always available for viewing!)


1. Work with a Barker broker

For every member of our team, #communityfirst and #inthistogether are more than hashtags. These are values that have guided our real estate company since day one.


Working with a Barker broker will help you sell your house quickly, efficiently, and for the best possible price. Our brokers sell more homes than brokers in larger firms while providing more expertise than smaller boutique outfits. Contact us today to get started, we would love to hear from you.


2. Consult with your Barker broker

Wondering if you should make improvements before listing your home for sale? Your Barker broker can give you valuable advice on whether you should replace those appliances or upgrade those bathroom countertops. Your Barker broker will also walk you through their game plan for marketing your home and an estimated timeline.



The back porch of a flast roof home in Santa Fe

3. Focus on the entryway

Your front door and entryway will be the first up-close view buyers will get of your home—whether they see it in person or online. Take stock of what needs doing in the way of cleaning, polishing, repainting, or replacing. At the minimum, make sure the front door is clean and in excellent condition. Polish entryway hardware, making sure to use the right product. Put down a new welcome mat. Before listing photos are taken, sweep dust and debris from all surfaces. Make sure all entryway lights are in working order.



The backyard of a Santa Fe home with a high adobe wall and patio furniture

4. Declutter and depersonalize the exterior and yard

Thanks to HGTV shows and home decor magazines, we all know what a picture-perfect exterior and yard look like. Neat, tidy, and welcoming is the goal here. That means hiding the trash cans, stowing bikes and recreational gear, and putting away garden tools and supplies. Refreshing outdoor furniture makes your home look move-in ready.



The living room of a Santa Fe home with large, bright windows

5. Clean the windows inside and out

Clean windows send the message that your home is maintained and well-kept. We thought we knew how to clean windows, but when we dug into it, we learned a few new things. According to the director of the Good Housekeeping Institute, for example, it’s better to wash windows on a cloudy day. The folks at agree with that advice. “Direct sunlight can cause your cleaner to dry and evaporate before you can properly wash it away, leading to streaks that are tough to buff out. Overcast skies also reduce glare on the glass, making streaks easier to find,” according to Bob Vila’s 15 Unusual Tips for Your Cleanest Windows Ever.



The kitchen in a Santa Fe home

6. Gather manuals and warranties for appliances

Now is the time to find and organize the user’s manuals for appliances and other equipment that will remain in the home. Do the same for items that are still under warranty. While you’re at it, gather documentation for the last time major systems were serviced. Think furnace, hot water heater, sprinkler system, and fireplace and chimney.



The living room of a Santa Fe home for sale

7. Declutter the interior

Rooms look more spacious with fewer pieces of furniture and home decor. Buyers want to see interiors they can visualize themselves living in. This means editing rooms to remove excess furniture and personal belongings like family photos. Your goal is showcase your house as a property for sale, not advertise your love for mountain biking, vintage movie posters, or travel.



A garage in a Santa Fe home for sale

8. Clean the garage

If you’ve lived in your home for years, chances are your garage has turned into more than a place to park your vehicles. Spider webs, leaves, and soil find their way inside as well. Devote a few hours to sweeping, organizing, and clearing out items no longer in use.



A closet with clothes hanging on a rod in a Santa Fe home

9. Purge and organize closets

Homebuyers will look inside your closets. What you want them to see is space. While there’s no need to empty your closets, you should purge items and organize what’s left. Closets that are overstuffed with clothes will look like closets that are too small. Closets that are sparsely filled will look roomier.



The front entrance to a Santa Fe home with a pitched roof and yellow paint accents

10. Keep the garden maintained

Stay on top of trimming, mulching, and watering your gardens. Regular landscaping maintenance is key here. Go the DIY route, hire a landscaping service, or choose a hybrid approach. The more lead time you can put into landscaping maintenance, the faster your Barker broker can launch your listing.