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A lit stage with people listening to music in the Railyard courtesy of Amp Concerts.
Friendly smiling man wearing a hat in coffee trailer with menu and flowers in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Mountain bikers on the trail at sunset.

Guide to
Santa Fe

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kyle Klain has lived in Santa Fe for nearly a decade after moving down from the Pacific Northwest and is Barker Realty’s in-house technology guru. Although he self-describes as “not particularly hip,” he’s learned many of the ins-and-outs of Santa Fe from the viewpoint of a twenty-something finding a home in The City Different.

Why Santa Fe?

This is probably the number-one question I am asked by fellow millennials who are mostly unfamiliar with Santa Fe. They think desert, I think mountains. They think kitsch art, I think cutting edge. They think retirees, I think opportunities. Unlike many of the current hotbeds for my generation, Santa Fe remains mostly uncrowded, stupendously scenic, and surprisingly approachable.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at the qualities that make Santa Fe truly different from many of its contemporaries such as Austin, Portland, or Fort Collins, while also being honest about limitations and opportunities.

The Santa Fe Vibe

As a whole, Santa Fe has a laid-back, small-town vibe. It’s not unusual to see your friends or colleagues out at dinner or running into your car mechanic at the dentist office. The reputation of being the Land of Mañana (meaning we’ll get to it tomorrow) is well-earned, but is endearing all the same.

For us younger folks, there are some amazing benefits to living here: beautiful weather, uncrowded recreation, a booming creative community, world-class food, and a city looking to embrace the next generation of Santa Feans.