Broker Spotlight: Alex Nettey

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Broker Spotlight / HOME December 2017 article“It’s a refreshing change after working with a large company in a very big city!”


Born and raised in Chicago, Alex is excited about recent changes in his life. After a lifetime of big city living interspersed with frequent visits to the Land of Enchantment, he and his wife Joslyn moved to Santa Fe a little over a year ago. Three months later they welcomed their son Jaxon. “That’s my little buddy!” Alex says, smiling with pride. Alex met Joslyn, a native Santa Fean, while earning a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Notre Dame.


He began his real estate career in 2007. In the Chicago market, he was a vital member of The MG Group, which is perennially one of the top 50 teams in the U.S., having totaled more than 2,000 homes sold and $1.5 billion in sales during his tenure with the group. Alex now maintains dual licenses in Illinios and New Mexico, and is transitioning a majority of his business to Santa Fe while keeping the Chicago pipeline open to assist those moving between the two cities.


A student of Mike Ferry’s one-on-one coaching for real estate brokers, Alex met a couple of Barker Realty brokers at an event in Chicago. Knowing he and Joslyn’s long term plan was to move to Santa Fe and start a family, he kept in touch with them over the years. A close relationship with these two gave Alex insight into Barker’s organization and he feels very confident about the choice he made to join this brokerage. “For me, it just feels right,” he explains. “The quality of the people and the structure of the company is exactly what I was looking for. All the expectations I had were not only met, but were exceeded! It’s a refreshing change after working with a large company in a very big city.”


“There’s never a complacency with Barker Realty,” he continues. “In comparison with other local companies I researched, their continuous focus on training, presenting current updates on the market to their sales team and the public, enhancing their technology platform, and the high level of service provided…it excites me that this company is consistently doing things that separate them from the competition. A proactive and constant effort to be the best you can be is a vital aspect when elevating yourself within the market place. Barker Realty exemplifies this quality.”


Alex had a good sense of Santa Fe before moving here, but was still pleasantly surprised. “It’s a great city for culture, art, and food, and the community is very inviting. I’m particularly looking forward to immersing myself in the myriad of outdoor activities — hiking, camping, mountain biking. It’s all so fresh to me!”


A saxophone jazz musician, Alex was in a competitive music program that traveled a lot and won many competitions. “Being able to express yourself musically is a cool thing!” He is also a Crossfit competitor and local coach, and is beginning to teach Crossfit to the ATC track team.