Broker Spotlight: Pamela Preston

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Broker Spotlight / HOME August 2017 article“44 years later…I am still deeply in love with Santa Fe!”


When Pamela Preston was 12, her family embarked on a vacation to the Southwest. “When I saw the Rocky Mountains, I just flipped! I honestly had no idea anything like that existed!” Pam exclaims passionately. “Where I’m from in the Midwest, the landscape is fairly flat. Then I see these gigantic snow-covered peaks reaching up into the clouds. That was it for me.”


In her mid-20s, Pam was finally able to make the Southwest her home and she’s never looked back. After a few years living in Denver, Pam moved to the Velarde area in Northern New Mexico and became established as a jeweler. Forrest Fenn and Pam took a shine to each other and quickly became very close friends. “Forrest taught me a lot, but the best advice he ever gave me was ‘Get yourself to Santa Fe!’ He was my entry into this delightful town and I’ll be eternally grateful.”


Pam moved to Santa Fe in 1973. “It was such a hip and fabulous time to be here! Everyone knew each other and we would all get together frequently — people from all walks of life and backgrounds.” Pam describes Santa Fe as ‘A Big Little City’ and goes on, “The ‘old’ is anchoring, but the contemporary push is very active on so many levels — from art to architecture to cuisine — and its created a new foundation from which to shoot to the stars.”


Pam has been an enormous advocate of Native American arts since her arrival. “It’s apparent that Native Americans are always pushing for new innovations, which now include glass and fashion. The kids of the people I knew are now doing amazing cutting-edge stainless work and beautiful outrageous jewelry!” A fan of Patricia Michaels, Pam is overjoyed to learn that she was recently selected as one of 10 American fashion designers to go to the Louvre in Paris this Fall.


In 1984, Pam became a real estate broker and it was an ideal fit. “The facet I most love about real estate is the matchmaking. I am fortunate to have an inherent talent for understanding what people are looking for. Also, I love introducing new people to the energy of what’s happening in Santa Fe…how special the food is, how wonderful the Farmers Market is, the incredible performing arts scene, and the list goes on.”


Pam’s propensity towards contemporary continues into her career. She has represented acclaimed builder E.J. Jennings for nearly 30 years, an exclusively contemporary builder. “It’s been a privilege to have a long-term relationship with an enormously respected builder. He is truly loved. He has constructed 22 homes in the Rancho San Marcos neighborhood, which represents all except one. We’ve built a neighborhood, a community, and it feels really good. There’s now a waiting list for his work!”


Barker Realty’s team strongly supports Pam’s real estate practice. “I love the staff!,” she exclaims. “They understand ‘boots on the ground’ extremely well. And, David is brilliant…every deal has a challenge and having access to David’s experience is vital.”


Pam has lived on Tano Road since 1986 and is very active in the community. For 26 years, she organized potluck dinners twice a year, which has increased from 35 attendees to over 125. “Our goal was to build a neighborhood,” Pam says. “Friends are made, dinner dates planned, networks created.” A long-time Realtor for the Tano Road area, Pam knows the Northwest quadrant like the back of her hand. She has also raised AKC show poodles for over 20 years.