Broker Spotlight: Tami Acker

Broker Spotlight / Barker Realty

Broker Spotlight / HOME August 2018 article“It’s a huge win when I can help people maximize their investment”


A passion for real estate and helping people maximize their investment is apparent when Tami begins talking about her work. She exuberantly recalls, “Like the time I researched an old subdivision plat in the city to increase a building envelope. It was an incredible win! My clients were limited by a 1,600 sq. ft. house, but because I conducted extensive research they were able to grow the envelope to accommodate a 2,200 sq. ft. house, adding an additional $100,000 value to their property. Another client was trapped in a house because they couldn’t sell for the price they had into it. I was able to help them by facilitating a condo conversion, allowing them to sell two properties instead of one and realize a profit rather than a loss. It’s a huge win when I can help.” Her involvement as an active real estate investor led to a career as a Realtor 15 years ago. Her background in financial analysis, business and construction allows her to skillfully identify and create real estate investments and she offers this unique experience to other investors.”


Tami has been at Barker Realty for 10 years and it’s a perfect fit. “David is very inspiring and is just a great person. He has an amazing open door policy and offers incredible wisdom, knowledge and experience that provides just the answer you need. He values relationship over the actual transaction. But, the number one thing I love about Barker Realty is that every single person here has high values in what they hold to be important and how they treat their clients. I feel honored to be associated with such fine people. Also, David and Lisa’s deep social commitment to our city is something I profoundly admire.”


Tami is also committed to Santa Fe, in particular transitional homeless youth. “I started assisting at the emergency youth shelter for runaways, then began teaching a class on ‘100 ways to start a business for under $20.’ What I realized after working with them is that 90% of homeless youth are innovative, motivated and functioning on a high level — they just need a little help to get to the next place.” Her next project is to put together a task force to provide an area in the city for homeless youth to have safe lockers for storing their belongings during the day, free showers, and an address for applying for a job.


An avid traveler, Tami recounts her epic adventures in India, Thailand and Cambodia, “What I love more than anything is visiting ancient sacred sites around the world. Studying ancient civilizations and cultures, I am awed by the amount of love and respect and community they have with one another. Some of these civilizations go back 10,000 years and have a lot to teach modern civilizations.” There’s no doubt this world holds an infinite number of fascinating places to explore.