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J.C. Linson


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Having been born and raised (and now raising my own family) in Santa Fe I have learned about Santa Fe in a very profound way. Santa Fe is a very unique city that has many obvious and hidden treasures. My background allows me to guide a wide range of clients through the city for whatever they might be looking for or may stumble upon. I am a college graduate, worked as a Deputy Sheriff for Santa Fe County, and have been a world champion professional boxer. This wide scope of disciplines has given me a sophisticated approach to working with buyers and sellers in this ever changing industry. I have been working as a real estate broker since 2002. 

Working with either buyers or sellers I am able to identify with the concerns and can foresee most of the potential difficulties in the transaction. Having bought and sold my own homes and investment properties, I can understand the stress involved with buying or selling real estate. I am very empathetic, considerate, and confidential working as either a buyer’s or seller’s broker. 

I have been successful in representing sellers and helping them to be able to sell their property(s) with the terms that they want. I learn the property thoroughly so that I can represent it to potential buyers as best as I can. I am able to help the property shine by highlighting the finest details the property has to offer. 

Representing buyers is always a real pleasure for me. I really enjoy helping a buyer to find their home. I can always tell when a person walks into a property if this one is “the one.” I have been very successful in helping a buyer(s) to purchase their home on their terms and get their home or property at the best value possible. 

When beginning in the real estate industry I was really trying to figure out how I could be of best service to my clients. I felt by learning the “ins and outs” of the mortgage business I could do that. I worked as a mortgage broker for approximately three years while working as a real estate broker. I was able to better understand the mortgage industry and am able to better explain and translate the financing part of the market. I believe that it has helped me with communicating with buyers and sellers.

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