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“The artistic light surrounding Santa Fe has always enchanted me”

Santa Fe has always been home base for Jody as her family history runs deep in our little town. Her grandmother was Georgia Lusk, State Superintendent of Schools and the first woman ever to represent New Mexico in the United States Congress. Her grandfather was Burton Brown, a saddle maker in Tesuque who is well known for his leatherwork. “I have always loved, loved, loved Santa Fe,” Jody says, smiling happily. “Something my grandmother used to say that I hold close, ‘When you go up and over the hill towards Tesuque, the light is different every single day.’ She was so right. Each evening I hike the ridge behind my home in Tesuque with my dog, Gigi, and I always feel so much better coming back than going out. The light in Santa Fe is incredibly artistic, the sky just dances at times! Nature is deeply nurturing here.” Jody’s eyes also dance as she describes the light.

Santa Fe caters to the outdoors, ideal for Jody’s passions and lifestyle. A former ski instructor and racing coach at Ski Santa Fe, she loves the double black diamonds and big bumps. One of her most exhilarating experiences was the opportunity she got to travel with the Canadian National Ski Team for six weeks. She also loves flyfishing, golfing, hiking…just about anything in the outdoors.

It’s no wonder Jody ended up at Barker Realty when she began her real estate career in 1987. “David Barker’s parents were dear friends of my parents. He and I grew up together and were teammates on the gymnastics team in high school. He has been a close friend for most of my life.”

It was a good choice, as Jody explains, “At Barker we are a family. David and Lisa truly care about all of us and our well being. The phenomenal thing about this company is they are constantly brainstorming ideas to make our jobs easier as brokers — finding and implementing systems and methods to assist us in selling more properties with less effort. The support staff is simply unbelievable and my clients think Barker Realty hangs the moon. They enable us to provide a higher level of service to our clients by giving a higher level of service to us brokers.”

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together to help people reach their dreams and goals is very gratifying to Jody. “I feel incredibly lucky to be able to help people with buying or selling their home. Where a person lives impacts their lives deeply and, as such, it’s a deeply rewarding job to me.” She continues, “Teaching Montessori preschool for years taught me how to guide people on individual levels. Details are important, and a detail that is important to one person might not be to the next. Understanding and respecting that everyone is different is vital.”

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