Art and Nature in Santa Fe Meet in Santa Fe

A statue sitting on a park bench in downtown Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one of the premier art centers of the world, a place where Native American and Hispanic traditions combine with contemporary perspectives to create a unique artistic landscape. Santa Fe art reflects and celebrates nature, from the clay and pigments of southwestern pottery to the open-air setting of the Santa Fe Opera.


We love that our city is home to more than 200 art galleries and 12+ museums. But when we think of Santa Fe and art—we see and feel the impact of the visual arts plus music, dance, and theater. Living here gives you a 360-degree view not only of spectacular scenery, but an ever-changing parade of art markets, gallery exhibitions, and cultural events.


In this post, we’re highlighting just a few of many extraordinary aspects that make Santa Fe stand out in the world of art. Are you looking to buy a home in a city where art is as ubiquitous as green chile on, well, everything? Contact us to start your home search today.


An artist working on an oil pianting on Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Canyon Road

The Canyon Road Arts District teems with more than 80 galleries and studios. This miracle half-mile showcases a wide range of art styles, forms, and media—from traditional to abstract, from paintings to glass to jewelry to sculpture, and more. Looking for visual inspiration? Browse these Canyon Road resources.


Eighth Annual Canyon Road Spring Art Festival This year’s festival takes place May 8 and 9. Stroll galleries showcasing a wide genre of art and take in artists’ demos, art tours, and special events.


Canyon Road Galleries This resource provides dozens of links to Canyon Road galleries. While there’s no substitute for visiting in real life, use this resource as a planning guide.


Santa Fe Gallery Association.  This excellent resource lets you search for Canyon Road galleries as well as those in all the art districts in Santa Fe. Because art is everywhere here. In addition to Canyon Road, there’s the Railyard and all the galleries downtown.



A closeup of Native American pottery on a black backdrop

Santa Fe Indian Market

This year marks the 99th annual Santa Fe Indian Market. The 99th! The most prestigious juried Native arts show in the world draws about 115,000 visitors from all over the world. This year those attendees will flock to Santa Fe on August 15 and 16. The market is preceded by Indian Market Week, filled with events that celebrate Native arts and culture. Consider combining your Indian Market trip with some dedicated home viewings.


Indian Market FAQs

2020 Indian Market Events


Traditional Spanish Market

Held every July on the Plaza, the Traditional Spanish Market celebrates Spanish colonial artistic traditions that go back more than four centuries. The event features the work of more than 200 New Mexico and southern Colorado artists in the largest juried Spanish Market in the country. The week-long ¡Viva la Cultura! festival culminates with the Spanish Market, which takes place over the weekend. The entire celebration is sponsored by the Spanish Colonial Arts Society.


Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

More than 150 artists from 60 different countries take part in the International Folk Art Market each year in Santa Fe. This year’s event will take place July 10, 11, and 12 and host more than 18,000 attendees. The event is centered on and around Museum Hill.


International Folk Art Market FAQs

202 IFAM Calendar of Events



A dramatic sunset with the Santa Fe Opera building

Santa Fe Opera

Santa Fe residents share their city with a world-renowned opera. Each summer the Santa Fe Opera  attracts about 85,000 people, more than half from outside New Mexico. Performers and casts come from all over the world. The setting is magical. Where else can you experience opera in an open-air setting with a panoramic view of the Jemez Mountains on one side and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on the other? Nowhere else but Santa Fe.


Santa Fe Opera Frequently Asked Questions Do you have to dress up for the opera? (Nope. You do you.) Is a pre-opera tailgate picnic allowed? (Yes. The sunset is as dramatic as the performance that follows.) Get all the answers to your operatic questions.


Santa Fe Official Ticketing Calendar Get dates and tickets for the current season here.