Broker Spotlight: Carol Hawkins

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Broker Spotlight / HOME May 2018 article“Growing up on Long Island, the stars faded from all the light pollution. I am so happy to be able to see the Milky Way again!”


Carol’s life in Santa Fe began in 1980 when she won a violin audition with the Santa Fe Opera orchestra. “I had no idea where this place was, but many colleagues told me I would love it here and they were right.” For ten years, Carol continued living and working in New York City while coming to Santa Fe for the summers to play in the Opera. “Eventually I met my husband John, while playing pool at Evangelos, and that was it! I would get homesick for Santa Fe when I went back to the City, so I moved here via the Amtrak from Penn Station to Lamy. I haven’t missed New York yet, except the Chinese food.”


Her love of Santa Fe continues to this day as she reminisces, “Growing up on Long Island, the stars faded from all the light pollution. I am so happy to be able to see the Milky Way again!” Although she saw plenty of stars in New York, performing at both Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. “My days in NYC were pretty amazing as a violinist. When I was playing for the Harry Chapin Congressional Medal of Honor event, it was an incredible gathering of talent from Peter, Paul and Mary to Bruce Springsteen. After rehearsal, I enjoyed a fun conversation with Harry Belafonte and Tommy Smothers in a shared elevator ride. I asked Tommy if he had to practice to play the guitar so badly, his schtick, he smiled and said ‘No, it just comes naturally.”


Carol remains an active violinist, although she ended her 25 year tenure with the Santa Fe Opera to spend more time with her then teenage daughter, husband and her real estate career.


In 1990, Carol got her real estate license and remains happy with her career choice. “I’ve been told by clients they appreciate my attention to detail and persistence. I’m sure all those hours of practicing has something to do with those qualities. Contract writing and reading is one of my forte’s. My refined ability to write a clean offer has been incredibly beneficial to the buyers I work with, most recently when our contract beat out five others for a property that was on the market for 1 day!”


“Barker Realty Rocks,” Carol exclaims enthusiastically. “Not only do my clients love our upscale service, beautiful Railyard building and tasty coffee, I have to say us Realtors at Barker are spoiled! From our reception staff who are fun and fabulous, to our transaction coordinators. Mr. IT who knows a whole lot more than IT issues, to marketing. I had put in an order for flyers and Bam! Joshua Gonzáles, our singing marketing gentle giant, had them on my desk in 5 minutes. Talk about service!”


This interesting woman does a lot more than real estate and violin playing. She is also an accomplished tennis player and plays the USTA circuit. One of the highlights was the year she played in the La Jolla National Hard Court Championships. She and her husband John also raised ostriches. “We used to have 100 birds. We would invite the neighborhood kids in Eldorado to come over and watch the birds hatch, then ship them down to our ranch in Stanley to grow up.” They also have a dog treat company that sells their product at Whole Foods, Eldorado Supermarket and Teca Tu — Santa Fe Gold Doggie Treats. It’s just fun to ask my customers, “Do you have a dog?” and then surprise them with a treat for their best friend.