Broker Spotlight: Joseph Martinez

Broker Spotlight / Barker Realty

Broker Spotlight / HOME February 2020 article“There hasn’t been any other place I’ve wanted to live”


Joseph’s ties to Santa Fe parallel those of Barker Realty, with long local family history and an entire life lived in our charming city. “I was born and raised in Santa Fe, in the South Capitol area, and honestly there hasn’t been any other place I’ve wanted to live,” Joseph says. “To me, a town is a living thing — it grows, changes, evolves, and reflects those things that are important to us. I still feel very connected to Santa Fe and I believe it’s held on to those aspects that make it a ‘City Different.’


My wife Laura was also born and raised in Santa Fe. When we get together with family and friends and the conversation turns toward ‘the good old days,’ a lot of the important things aren’t that different than they were in years gone by. And, of course, you just can’t beat the natural beauty of Santa Fe.”


After graduating college from New Mexico State University with a business degree, Joseph began working in the District Court office. “It was a good job, but my personality and lifestyle crave freedom. I just couldn’t do 8 to 5! A thumbs up to those who do, you keep this city running. When I became a Realtor over 20 years ago, one of the first listings I ever took was a piece of land in Jemez. While walking the land under brilliant blue skies, I remember thinking ‘How great is this? Now, this is what I call an office!’ A career in real estate was a natural choice. Having lived here my entire life I am able to offer buyers I work with the experience of someone who knows this town inside and out.”


Joseph continues, “I enjoy partnering with a buyer or a seller and working with them to meet a particular goal. The intrigue of the business is also appealing — not only do the properties vary widely, but each person I work with has their unique personality and tastes.”


“After 20 years of being a real estate broker in Santa Fe, I have gone through the ups and downs of the market. The consistent attitude and atmosphere of success at Barker Realty, no matter the market, is very appealing to me. David, Lisa, the staff and the team of brokers are all focused on making it an environment that is encouraging, progressive and knowledgable. An organization like Barker helps make its brokers better brokers, which leads to more satisfied clients and greater personal success.”


For Joseph, time spent away from real estate is filled with time outdoors. “One of the great things about Santa Fe is, you can spontaneously decide to go for a hike, load up the dogs and be in the mountains in no time at all!” He and his wife, Laura, also enjoy working out at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center.