New Mexican Holiday Treats

Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts! As the holiday season descends upon us like snowflakes on a crisp winter morning, let’s take a delicious journey to the heart of New Mexico and explore some of my favorite holiday treats that’ll warm your soul faster than a Santa Fe sunset.


You’re strolling through the crooked streets of Santa Fe, where the air carries the tantalizing aroma of holiday delights and the comforting scent of pinon smoke. As the sun dips below the adobe rooftops, it’s time to indulge in the delightful flavors that make this season truly special.


First up, let’s talk about tamales. Oh, those little bundles of joy wrapped in corn husks! Tamales are a cherished tradition in New Mexico, especially during the holidays. Gather around a table with family and friends, unwrapping these delightful treasures like presents. Whether filled with savory pork, tender chicken, or cheese, tamales are the ultimate comfort food that’ll transport you to a cozy Santa Fe hacienda. Our favorites are from Posa’s, a local tamale factory.


Now, let’s not forget about biscochitos, those sweet and crumbly cookies that practically scream holiday cheer. Take a bite into a biscochito – the anise and cinnamon flavors dance on your tongue, and suddenly, you’re back in your abuelitas kitchen surrounded by twinkling lights and the joyful chatter of family. These cookies are a testament to the rich cultural blend of New Mexico, a fusion of Spanish and Native American influences that create a taste that’s simply unforgettable.


And what’s a New Mexican holiday spread without posole? This hearty stew made from hominy and succulent chunks of pork is like a warm hug for your taste buds. Close your eyes and imagine sitting by a kiva fireplace in an adobe home, savoring the rich flavors of posole while the crisp winter air adds a touch of magic to the scene. It’s a dish that brings people together, just like the vibrant community in Santa Fe during the holidays.


Last but not least, let’s talk about the pièce de résistance: hot chocolate with a New Mexican twist. Sipping on a cup of velvety hot chocolate infused with a hint of spicy red chile is sublime on a chilly day. It’s a symphony of flavors – the sweetness of the chocolate juxtaposed with the warmth of the chile. As you enjoy this soul-warming concoction, you can almost hear the distant jingle of bells on Santa Fe’s charming streets.


So, whether you’re feasting on tamales that evoke the spirit of community, munching on biscochitos that embrace tradition, savoring posole that warms your heart, or indulging in that spicy hot chocolate that awakens your senses, New Mexican holiday treats are a feast for both the stomach and the soul. As you enjoy these delights, may you feel the holiday spirit that thrives in the heart of Santa Fe, a city where traditions are as rich as the New Mexican landscape.